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Third Eye Chakra : 7 Chakra Series

  • STUDIO ONE 8010 Sunport Dr Suite 114 Orlando, FL 32809 (map)

YogART instructor Jessica Marie Rovira will be leading this custom class. We will be focusing on the 6th major energy center of the body known as "The Third Eye Chakra." 

This is an ALL LEVELS class which will incorporate stretching, breathing exercises and various yoga poses geared to balancing and improving the aspects of your life correlating to:
Intuition, Creative Visualization, Self-Awareness, and Inner Strength.

Physical areas targeted: Brain, Eyes, Pineal and Pituitary Gland, Sinuses, Brow.

Physically, when this chakra is out of balance, an individual might experience headaches, brain fog, brain tumors, faulty memory, and more.

Color Therapy Glasses will be provided for those who wish to experience the healing and restorative effects color can have on the mind and body. 

Indigo will be the color of choice for our Third Eye Chakra class, but you may wear any color that resonates with you.

Please bring your own yoga mat ♥ we will have a limited amount of spare mats available

*Any children who attend must be able to participate in the session quietly to respect the space of other guests. 

$5 suggested donation

Thank you! Namaste ♥

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